Draka UC500 S23 Cat.6A U/FTP cable: more fire safety, more application areas
PRYSMIAN GROUP · 01. Juni 2022
Cologne, 1 June 2022 - Prysmian Group's BU Multimedia Solutions (MMS) has enhanced its Cat.6A U/FTP product family. With the Cat.6A U/FTP 4P B2ca, MMS offers a new high-quality, shielded copper data cable with four individual foil-shielded core pairs in CPR fire protection class B2ca s1a d1 a1. With this, MMS equips another installation cable with more fire safety and completes the CPR programme under System 1+ with the Cat.6A U/FTP product family. Users can now choose from an extensive...

Drakas gelgefüllte Universalkabel: Optimiert für verschiedene Umgebungsbedingungen
PRYSMIAN GROUP · 11. Mai 2022
Köln, 11. Mai 2022 – Die BU Multimedia Solutions (MMS) bietet ein breites Portfolio an gelgefüllten Draka-Kabeln für universelle Anwendungen im Innen- und Außenbereich. Das Gel im Inneren schützt die Fasern vor eindringendem Wasser und macht sie zudem äußerst robust und widerstandsfähig gegenüber mechanischen Einwirkungen. Mikro- oder Makrobiegeeffekte durch Temperaturschwankungen oder Zugkräfte werden verhindert. Die Dämpfung nach dem Verkabelungsprozess folglich verringert. MMS...

Draka's gel-filled universal cables are perfected for various environmental conditions
PRYSMIAN GROUP · 11. Mai 2022
Cologne, 11 May 2022 - BU Multimedia Solutions (MMS) offers a broad portfolio of gel-filled Draka cables for universal indoor and outdoor applications. The gel inside not only protects the fibres from water ingress, but also adds mechanical robustness to prevent micro or macro bending effects caused by temperature variations or pulling forces and consequently lowers its attenuation after the cabling process. MMS offers a complete portfolio of gel-filled indoor, outdoor and universal cables with...

Draka BendBrightXS: Bending without breaking
PRYSMIAN GROUP · 28. April 2022
Cologne, 28th April 2022 - Prysmian Group's Multimedia Solutions (MMS) BU is taking its leading role in the bend-insensitive fibre optic data cable market to another level. The BendBrightXS fibres feature extremely low micro bend sensitivity and minimal macro bend and kink losses at very small radii. MMS integrates BendBrightXS in its fibre optic cable ranges, which are used in a wide range of applications, such as access networks in densely populated urban areas, FTTH networks, office...

Draka Cat.6A U/UTP E1:  Unique Encapsulated Barrier Technology for optimised noise reduction
PRYSMIAN GROUP · 16. März 2022
The Multimedia Solutions (MMS) BU of the Prysmian Group is launching a new U/UTP copper data cable with its proprietary Encapsulated Barrier (E1) technology. The innovative Draka Cat.6A U/UTP E1 combines the advantages of shielded and unshielded cables. The lightweight and easy-to-install copper data cable with diameters between 7.1 and 7.3 millimetres guarantees a high suppression of external noise influences.

Keep rolling: The flame-retardant, lightweight Draka UCHome fibre idrop 250 drag & blow
PRYSMIAN GROUP · 09. März 2022
Prysmian Group's Multimedia Solutions BU (MMS) is launching the new Draka UCHome fibre idrop 250 drag & blow BBXS LSZH-FR B2ca central core cable. While its cable brother, the UCHome fibre idrop 900, is packaged in a practical 250-metre reelex box, MMS has wound the newcomer on spools. Network technicians can install the extremely flexible fibre optic cable with aramid roving and FireRes® jacket using the blow-in technique or lay it as usual.

Von der Rolle: Das flammwidrige, leichtgewichtige Draka UCHome fibre idrop 250 drag & blow
PRYSMIAN GROUP · 09. März 2022
ie BU Multimedia Solutions (MMS) der Prysmian Group bringt das neue Zentraladerkabel Draka UCHome fibre idrop 250 drag & blow BBXS LSZH-FR B2ca auf den Markt. Während der Kabelbruder, das UCHome fibre idrop 900, in einer praktischen 250-Meter-Reelex-Box verpackt ist, hat MMS den Neuzugang auf Spule gewickelt. Netzwerktechniker können das extrem biegsame LWL-Kabel mit Aramid Roving und FireRes®-Mantel per Einblastechnik installieren oder wie gewohnt verlegen.

Draka Mobile Fiber Cables (MFC) für TV-Produktionen: extrem biegefreundlich und ultra-robust zugleich
PRYSMIAN GROUP · 03. Februar 2022
Köln, 3. Februar 2022 – Die BU Multimedia Solutions (MMS) der Prysmian Group bietet mit der MFC-Serie äußerst widerstandsfähige, flammhemmende und flexible Glasfaserkabel für Fernsehanstalten und Außenübertragungen (Ü-Wagen). Dank der patentierten BendBright-XS-Technologie weisen die auf dem SMPTE 2110-Standard basierenden Draka-Kabel eine extrem hohe Biegeunempfindlichkeit auf. Erfolgreich durchgeführte Biegetests, darunter ein S-Bend-Test mit über 500.000 Zyklen, belegen dies. Je...

Draka Mobile Fiber Cables (MFC) for TV productions: extremely bend-friendly and ultra-robust at the same time
PRYSMIAN GROUP · 03. Februar 2022
Cologne, Germany 3rd February 2022 – With the MFC series, the Multimedia Solutions (MMS) BU of the Prysmian Group offers extremely resistant, flame-retardant and flexible fibre optic cables for broadcasters and outside broadcasts (OB vans). Thanks to the patented BendBright-XS technology, the Draka cables, which are based on the SMPTE 2110 standard, have an extremely high resistance to bending. Successfully conducted bend tests, including an S-bend test with over 500,000 cycles, prove this....

BU Multimedia Solutions of Prysmian Group releases White Paper on practical implementation and benefits of relevant PoE applications
PRYSMIAN GROUP · 21. Dezember 2021
Cologne, Germany, 21st December 2021 – Power over Ethernet (PoE) infrastructures are well on their way to becoming a dominant technology. They combine data communication and power supply via a single Ethernet cable. The recently published Draka White Paper "Amazing Prospects for PoE" provides a general overview of the main drivers, components and benefits of PoE in the first part. In the second part, it highlights the practical implementation and benefits of the most relevant applications in...

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