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METEOCONTROL · 20. August 2020
Augsburg/Germany, August 20th, 2020 – meteocontrol GmbH, the photovoltaic monitoring specialist, and ecoligo GmbH, a PV project developer for companies in developing and emerging countries, are cooperating on a global scale: following joint projects in Africa and South America, for the first time the cooperation partners have connected a solar system to the grid in South-east Asia. meteocontrol installed its blue’Log X-Series monitoring and control system to monitor the 994 kWp roof system...

METEOCONTROL · 30. Juli 2020
Augsburg, July 30, 2020 – meteocontrol GmbH is now providing a new technical consulting service with its system-specific power generation profiles. Based on yield simulations, the hour profiles map the power expected from a photovoltaic system for all 8,760 hours in a year. Industrial and commercial energy buyers demand these independently produced generation profiles from system operators prior to concluding Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). meteocontrol supports system operators on a...

METEOCONTROL · 16. Juli 2020
Augsburg, July 16, 2020 – meteocontrol GmbH, a solar energy service provider based in Augsburg, is a team partner in the new PermaStrom research project. Together with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the German Meteorological Service (DWD), meteocontrol is investigating how atmospheric aerosol particles affect clouds and solar irradiation. The findings are intended to help create more precise yield forecasts for photovoltaic systems in order to make power grids more stable.

METEOCONTROL · 05. Mai 2020
Augsbourg, le 05 mai 2020 – Le régulateur blue’Log XC de meteocontrol GmbH obtient la certification nécessaire au raccordement des installations d’autoconsommation photovoltaïque au réseau électrique espagnol. Le régulateur répond à toutes les exigences du décret royal Real Decreto (RD) 244/2019. Ainsi, les exploitants d’installations photovoltaïques dotées de la solution Zero Feed-In sont assurés d’obtenir l’autorisation de raccordement au réseau. SolarProfit,...

METEOCONTROL · 05. Mai 2020
Augsburg, May 05, 2020 – meteocontrol GmbH has successfully obtained certification for its blue’Log XC controller for PV self-consumption on the Spanish power grid. The controller meets all requirements according to the Royal Decree (RD) 244/2019. This guarantees grid connection approval to the power system for operators of photovoltaic systems with zero feed-in. The blue’Log XC has already been extensively installed by the company's Spanish cooperation partner SolarProfit.

METEOCONTROL · 05. Mai 2020
Augsburgo, 05 de mayo de 2020 – La empresa alemana meteocontrol GmbH ha finalizado el proceso de certificación de su controlador blue’Log XC para instalaciones de autoconsumo fotovoltaico en la red eléctrica española. Este controlador cumple con todos los requisitos impuestos por el Real Decreto (RD) 244/2019 y garantiza el permiso de conexión a la red eléctrica a los operadores de instalaciones fotovoltaicas con inyección cero. El controlador blue’Log XC ya se está utilizando de...

METEOCONTROL · 22. April 2020
Augsburg, April 22, 2020 – With a donation of 5,000 Euro to PRIMAKLIMA meteocontrol GmbH sets an example for climate protection and supports a smallholder family in Nicaragua in the reforestation of a fallow area. Commitment to climate protection through innovative solutions for the energy transition has always distinguished meteocontrol GmbH: With its monitoring and control systems for photovoltaic plants, the company ensures maximum solar power yield and grid stability when feeding in...

METEOCONTROL · 09. Januar 2020
Augsbourg/Dubaï, le 09 janvier 2020 – La société meteocontrol GmbH renforce encore ses activités internationales avec la création de meteocontrol AMEA DMCC à Dubaï (Émirats arabes unis). Le numéro un mondial des systèmes de supervision des installations photovoltaïques assoit ainsi sa présence au Moyen-Orient.

METEOCONTROL · 09. Januar 2020
Augsburgo/Dubai, 09 de enero de 2020 – meteocontrol GmbH continúa reforzando su negocio internacional: con meteocontrol AMEA DMCC en Dubái, el proveedor mundial de sistemas independientes de monitorización de plantas fotovoltaicas afianza aún más su presencia en el mercado de Medio Oriente.

METEOCONTROL · 09. Januar 2020
Augusta/Dubai, 09 Gennaio 2020 - meteocontrol GmbH consolida ulteriormente le proprie attività a livello globale: con meteocontrol AMEA DMCC di Dubai, il fornitore mondiale di sistemi di monitoraggio per impianti fotovoltaici aggiunge un altro tassello sul mercato del Medio Oriente.

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