Why do we need PR?

Those responsible for sales, marketing and PR put following questions regularly on their agenda: Is PR useful? How much does PR costs? What about measurement, monitoring and controlling? Can you measure PR? Just for the record: Yes, there is a way to measure PR. It is possible to control and to visualize PR. And that is not all.


Making the right Choices …

Companies and their decision makers have to know exactly where they spend money and what the benefit is. Every year, the available funds of the communication budget have to be planned and distributed wisely to yield the highest-possible return, presentable results, and the perfect mix of all communication measures.

A certain budget assigned to Strategy A, cannot be used again for Strategy B - controlling and evaluation makes a difference. This is why PR should solely be implemented by professionals. First and foremost the focus lies on making the right choices!


Controlling and Evaluation with the epr@control Toolbox

We designed the epr@control Toolbox especially for our clients to help create customized reports in the areas of print, online, TV, radio and social media. Our clients choose significant parameters out of the toolbox to visualize their company’s PR success.

The quantity and quality of clippings make it possible to measure the increase of visibility and a company’s name recognition in the media. Analyzing tools like the advertising equivalency value or the media resonance analysis increase the value of the information for a company’s decision maker.


Key figures like rankings, analysis of virality or the number of followers/digital influencers give evidence of one’s actual position in the business. Moreover, these indicators reveal issues that need to be optimized or fixed.

Even in the department of direct communication it is possible to measure the presence of a company via company events, applications for awards, branch meetings/industry gatherings or social media support.


PR is so much more. What is the Value of PR?
With the right use of measurable variables and our customized PR-tools, your image and reputation will be improved. To make a thought leader out of a company or an expert and a keynote speaker out of a manager, our supporting tools and knowledge are necessary. What does PR change? Individual theme-setting sharpens your profile and storytelling arouses interest. Channel PR activates sales; Employer PR increases the attractiveness for applicants and employees. Public relations ‘from the inside out’ is always public relations ‘from the outside in’ – because motivated employees are a company’s backbone and business card.


In times of crisis at the latest, the value of professional PR shows its positive effects. Crises often result from ‘arrogance by success’ as well as from misguided, belated or neglected communication with the public, which enables company-‘gates’, scandals and even shitstorms.


Success can be crafted
The success of a PR-measure reveals itself in the intensity with which the desired message reaches the respective influencer. That is why PR-measures begin at that point at which they reach the desired target group: in the trade magazine at the kiosk next door, on the new gadget blog, on the walls of the new social media or on TV.


An optimized flow of PR-measures is of fundamental importance. Be it a world market leader, a promising start-up, governments or non-profit organizations: Those who are successful have in common that they practice continuous and intelligent communication, use relevant channels and gain trust. In the long-run.


What happens, if your company is not in the newspapers or does not communicate online? In the best-case scenario, nothing. You are simply invisible.


In any case I would like to get in contact with you. 



Cornelie Elsässer