Why EPR?

Because we live PR.

We come from classic Public Relations and have learned communication as a solid craft. We have mastered tried-and-tested communication strategies and have geared our entrepreneurial activities to the success of our clients.


Because we have the best media contacts.

We deliver the publications content - exactly what they need, in the highest quality. Over many years, our consultants have built up established, reliable personal contacts with the publications in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, from which all our customers benefit.


Because we know what moves our clients' target groups.

Regular target group analyses and evaluations of our successes give us deep insights into the needs of your customers and employees - we know where to find them and how to raise their interest in your topics.


Because we can tell stories.

Storytelling in words and images has always been one of our strengths - whether it's for marketing a headphone or creating an emotional VR video. This expertise comes in increasingly handy in the social media sphere.


Because we are flexible, efficient and strong communicators.

The more experienced and younger epr colleagues continuously learn from and complement each other to form ideal teams that flexibly and efficiently advise their customers on strategy and content.


Because we have experience and accompany our customers over many years.

epr consultants have an average of 12 years of experience in communications consulting. The customer retention of an average of 9 years is far above the industry average. It is no coincidence that we are regularly being recommended.


Because we keep pace with the times.

We are always where your target groups are: Print, online, on social media, in your companies, at universities. Always open to new ideas, we also retain the tried and tested.