The Communication Between Global Companies is Limitless 


More and more companies are internationally active or planning to expand to a foreign country. Therefore public relations has to adapt to the different needs and conditions of the target countries in form, content, and use of media in order to gain international acclaim.


It is not enough to simply reapply a communication concept designed for the German market or to translate press texts to the respective national languages to ensure success internationally.


A successful implementation of international public relations depends on those responsible for PR having accurate knowledge of national media cultures and their political, economical and cultural idiosyncrasies.


Internationalization requires value-added public relations.


We advise you on how to design structures and processes to create a solid and practical international communication strategy. We can support you in the implementation of a focused PR measure.  

Our Competencies and services

  • Implementation of structures and processes for country-specific public relations
  • Design and implementation of international communication strategies
  • Transnational content management
  • Transnational influencer management, creation and maintenance of press mailing lists
  • Central control of the international PR-agency network