Product-/Brand Communication

Your Company has that Special “Something” that Nobody Else has?


Let us know. Products and labels gain public visibility through influencers and multipliers. Brand activation is always accompanied by focused public relation work via various channels to raise the visibility of your product launch and draw the attention of your target groups as well as maintaining it.


In order to make your innovation stand out from the crowd, an integrated campaign of products and brands is essential. epr takes every measure for the development and management of consumer brands and business products on the basis of a solid and holistic PR-concept.

Services Product and Brand Communication 

  • Brand activation / product launch / slogan design / positioning / SWOT-analysis

  • Press releases on new products

  • Follow-up reference reports

  • Product launch events / product events / webinars

  • Management of rest equipment/ raffles

  • Testimonials

  • High visibility in market overviews and supplier directories

  • Marketing support (strategic marketing concepts, media- and ad-planning – advertising / flyers and brochures

  • Competition analysis

  • Studies/market research projects