Media relations

Every day the desks of journalists and editors are flooded with press releases, bylined articles and invitations, also due to the increasing amount of communication channels. Therefore, your information must stand out to catch the editor´´´  s attention. Best case, it is a newsworthy story, but in any case, it has to be something interesting!


We are convinced that your text has to be as good (meaning relevant, interesting and/or entertaining) so readers will be looking forward to the next article, issue, newsletter or blog entry.


We are not only experienced writers and specialist authors. We also foster good contacts to the editorial offices. Therefore, we know how to place our customers' topics with the right media at the right time.


Online, print or social - we prepare the content according to the target group and distribute it through the most relevant channels. Good ideas and contacts are crucial to our successful media relations. 

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Communicating with media is our core competence. We are in our element in the high-quality content environment of B2B trade media. Here, the traditional press release - often declared dead by others - continues to inform and convince. It regularly provides our clients with the visibility they desire.


This was also the case with the press release that epr wrote for Tichawa Vision and sent to the relevant media. Here, a highly complex topic was presented in such a way that the focus was on the attractiveness of the product and the benefits for numerous companies. The result: more than ten, partly full-page, articles were published in a very close media environment.