digital relations

Content counts - offline and online!


Strategic communication via online media has become increasingly important in recent years. Especially social media is playing a bigger role in public perception than ever. Filtering out relevant reference groups and implementing effective measures is a challenging task, due to the diversity of channels and possibilities in online public relations.


We evaluate which are the most important channels for you, be it niche-PR or Omnichannel. We provide added-value relations to establish relationships with digital influencers and deliver sophisticated content to our clients. The complete range of tasks concerning online and social media relations is handled by us, so that your messages reach the readers and your position in the digital media world is consolidated.  

Services Digital Relations

  • Online PR-strategies und campaigns
  • Content creation 
  • Content management
  • Interlinkage of online-, social media and classic activities
  • Social media relations (Twitter, Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Slideshare etc.) 
  • Blogger relations 
  • Webinars / podcasts / video contributions (vodcasts)
  • Visual communication / creation and maintenance of photographic archives 
  • Website design (structure / content creation) / web content management
  • SEO / SEA