corporate communications

Communication counts.


Thought leadership, employer branding, crisis communication:

It’s all about your reputation. Together with our clients, epr develops customized and intelligently coordinated communication conceptions and devises messages, content and stories. A central part of our work is the constant interexchange with relevant Influencer groups.


Planning a sophisticated and focused communication strategy is the foundation of successful public relations with long-term impact. It ultimately strengthens your image and the confidence of your stakeholders in your company.


Our customized communication measures highlight your role as an employer, your management in the market, as well as your brands, technologies and products. With our support you can be certain of a leading position in the highly competitive business.


The main focus of epr lies on your corporate identity and the short-, middle- and long-term goals defined by yourself. 

Service Corporate Communications

  • Reputation management > building and expanding the reputation of your company, your brand(s) and products
  • Direct support and media placement of senior executives and management board in accordance with their strategic topics
  • Thought leadership / placement of senior executives / speaker placement
  • Corporate storytelling / messaging development / storyline-/ content-development
  • Change management / change communication
  • Crisis communication / issues management
  • Employer branding / human resources / personnel marketing
  • Internal communication / corporate publishing
  • Corporate social responsibility / eco relations
  • Lobbying
  • Sponsoring and fundraising / allocation of sponsoring-budgets / sponsoring-events (design and implementation)