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epr Services


Over 15 years of know-how and years of excellent contacts characterize the collaboration between Jabra and epr. This is mirrored by the wide range of PR-services epr provides for both Business & Consumer divisions of the Danish audio expert:



epr writes press releases, specialist articles, interviews, user reports in the field of professional audio solutions for contact centers as well as offices and positions Jabra as thought leader with expert articles. Media relations are realized in the form of trade show support, visits to editorial offices, round tables, marketing support concerning newsletters, mailings and campaigns. Translation and editing services round off our portfolio. 



epr turns the Jabra audio solutions of the consumer section to full volume: Our agency has already successfully realized editorial tours, trade show support, press events as well as press webinars and live streams. With press releases utilizing demo equipment via blogger relations and social media relations – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – epr brings Jabra’s high-quality products for end consumers in exactly the right position.


The creamery Molkerei Müller ist part of the enterprise group Theo Müller, an internationally operating food corporation. epr developed a marketing concept for the market leader in dairy products in 2015 featuring Andreas Gabalier as Testimonial for Reine Buttermilch und die Frucht. epr is now in charge of all product PR for the whole range of products of the Aretsried creamery. epr supplies the general press and trade press with press releases, news alerts, writes interviews and organizes raffles. Special focus lies on large press conferences, exclusive press meetings and personal interviews. 

Food, Lifestyle

PCI Augsburg GmbH is part of BASF’s construction chemistry section and is market leader in the area of tiling materials for specialist firms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The construction chemistry specialist stands for innovation and quality in sealing, concrete protection, concrete repair and floor installation as well. In the area of corporate communication, the Augsburg company relies on epr’s editorial expertise: Our B2B team supports PCI with press reports, specialist articles, as well as by creating user reports, newsletters and fostering PCI’s media contacts with the specialist and general press.

Building materials

Printronix, one of the internationally leading providers of industrial printing solutions, has trusted in epr’s PR-expertise for many years. Whether it be a press release, a user report, a specialist article, a press event or an expert discussion – thanks to epr, Printronix’ innovations reach the exactly right target group. 

IT, Transport, Logistics

Companies of different branches worldwide all trust in the Thermobarcode-, RFID and validation technology of Printronix Auto ID. The independent subsidiary of TSC Auto ID Technology chose epr agency for the implementation of its national and international communication measures. Be it editorial, conceptual, or organizational: epr produces professional PR texts, develops intricate strategies and supplies editorial offices with demo Equipment.

IT, Transport, Logistics

QNAP (Quality Network Appliance Provider) Systems, Inc. with headquarters in Taipeh/Taiwan has established itself as the producer of NAS-Systems in the home and business sector of the D-A-CH region with epr's support. Aside from press releases and specialist articles and trade fair support, epr also manages supplying editorial offices and bloggers with enough demo devices.


tde – trans data elektronik GmbH has been relying on the expertise of epr since 2009. The epr agency expertly conveys the complex technical issues of the networking expert and leading figure in MPO technology in the form of press releases, interviews, statements, specialist articles and user reports and places them in all key media with precision.

Through epr’s press work tde is appreciated by partners and new clients as an innovative company and is highly regarded for their informative specialist articles and reports. 

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epr has been at the front lines for 8 years representing the Malteser Augsburg diocese-wide regarding everything press-related. Be it aid projects, donation ceremonies or course graduations: epr is always there to provide help and assistance and, apart from providing photographic material and post-event reporting, takes care of making various dates and events known as well as managing the homepage of the 15 divisions.

The Malteser help those in need – and epr helps the Malteser. 

Social Issues

epr has accompanied meteocontrol along their journey through the international press world and assisted with marketing tasks of all kinds with epr’s years of branch experience and solar know-how. Press releases, specialist articles, and the monthly newsletter are a firm part of the collaboration. meteocontrol belongs to the leading providers of PV-Monitoring and supplies photovoltaic projects with quality services ranging from initial planning to the commissioning of facilities.

Environment and Energy

Solarreinigung Höhentinger with seat in Raubling, Upper Bavaria, is an OQS-audited and DLG-certified cleaning company for photovoltaic facilities. Sylvia Höhentinger’s experiences with highly-sensitive surfaces have led her, a TÜV-certified expert for thermography, to develop a high-quality varnish for cars. The product launch of the „Mario Basler Edition“ of Glanz &Glätte was organized by epr with different press activities, including the organization of a charity event together with the former Bayern soccer professional. 

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Raising Power is a Full-Service-Provider for the technical management of photovoltaic facilities. With a control center and a worldwide network of qualified service technicians, the PV-specialist based in Augsburg is able to provide smooth systems operation and a maximum return. epr has been supporting Raising Power with international press work since their establishment in 2015.

Environment and Energy

epr has been responsible for the Theater Augsburg's sponsoring section since 2011, bringing together successful partners from economy and culture. Be it operas, plays, ballet or concerts:  with the affiliate program of one of Bavaria's largest and most beautiful four-genre play houses, the Theater Augsburg is capable of reaching the most diverse of audiences. epr builds and develops concepts for the affiliate program, designs sponsoring strategies for companies and creates perfect synergy for mutual image boosts.


When it comes to text, Tichawa Vision, the specialist for high-precision CIS-Contact Image Sensors used for industrial quality control, trusts completely in the editorial expertise of epr. epr tailors the complex, technical issues to the respective target audiences in press releases, user reports and specialist articles.

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Kette und Kurbel“ is one of the many projects of the private educational institution B.I.B. Augsburg gGmbH, which epr guides with press measures specific to target audiences. The B.I.B. Augsburg gGmbH with main seat in Augsburg educates youths as well as working-age men and women of a variety of social and cultural backgrounds with the goal of increasing their professional and personal qualifications.  

Social Issues

Food hygiene stands at the center of the JMC Verlag’s products, a specialist publishing house for food and environment. epr advises the still young publishing house in all things PR, creates PR articles and texts intended for direct communication such as newsletters.

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