Network expert offers easy access and expanded distribution of high quality edge connectivity solutions for customers locally

tde presented with authorized distributor certificate by Transition Networks for its quality and service commitment to customers in Germany

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tde cabling systems now available with OM5 fibre - Innovative features for LC and MPO connectors

Ready for high speed: OM5 on board of the tde plug-and-play platforms

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Network expert expands portfolio by MPO patch cords equipped with MTP Pro Connector from US Conec





Enhanced Flexibility for Service Technicians: tde’s New MPO Patch Cords Allow for Easy and Fast Gender and Polarity Switching

Dortmund, 22th November 2017.
Effective immediately, tde is now offering clients MPO patch cords equipped with the new MTP Pro Connectors manufactured by US Conec. This product’s special feature is its capability to perform quick and easy gender and polarity switches, while maintaining the high performance level of the connector.  Thanks to the new MTP Pro patch cord it is possible for service technicians to work more flexibly in regards to cabling infrastructure. Also, the service technician need not carry all connector varieties with him on-site.  Even infrastructures with a 40/100 G connection can be configured more versatilely on site using the pre-existing cabling and the right patch cord. tde ships the new MTP Pro patch cord with a cable construction which the company is well known for. It protects the loose tube with a sturdy internal tube.  The MTP Pro patch cords are now available in the configurations 12-Fibre and 24-Fibre MPO as single mode in OS2 as well as in multimode with the fibre types OM3 and OM4.

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tde presents new rack mount enclosure for challenging network environments



New tML System Platform: Maximum Packing Density, Simple Assembly

Dortmund, 28th September 2017.
With its new tML system platform, tde - trans data elektronik is expanding its portfolio of high-performance scalable plug-and-play cabling solutions. The latest product of the network specialist is the logical next step in developing reliable, modular tML cabling systems. The new rack mount enclosure is especially easy to assemble and, on a height unit of 19 inches (= 1 height unit), has a mounting capacity of up to eight modules from the product lines tML Standard, tML Xtended and tML 24. In combination with the innovative tML 24, the new rack mount enclosure reaches maximum packing density and is highly flexible when migrating to high transmission rates. The massive packing density, coupled with the fast, tool-free assembly via an extendable tray as well as the snap-in mechanism in the rear are unique in the industry. An optional cover for the front manages and protects the patch cables routing.

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tde's tML-products can now be managed via the network documentation software AixBOMS



A New Way of Looking at Data Centers: Visually Mapping tde’s tML Cabling Systems with AixBOMS

Dortmund / Aachen, 10. July 2017.
tde - trans data elektronik GmbH’s tML products are now available under AixBOMS. AixpertSoft made it possible by integrating tde’s modular Plug & Play tML cabling systems into its own software for cable and connection management. tde solutions can now be visually mapped in network documentation and, to a degree, managed automatically. Data center operators benefit from the standardized documentation and management of information required for planning, operation and invoicing of networks and IT inventory management. As of this year, AixpertSoft is a technological partner of this year’s tde-Roadshow „Up to Terabit Mountains - Network (R)Evolution“. During the LANline Tech Forum in Stuttgart on July 11th tde’s booth will be located near the AixpertSoft booth.

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