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Modular monitoring and control system for commercial rooftop projects



Photo credit: Sustainable Power Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Photo credit: Sustainable Power Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Photovoltaics in South Africa: meteocontrol supplies monitoring system

Augsburg, 3/21/2017
– South Africa is increasingly focusing on renewable energies. By 2020, solar energy is forecast to expand to over 5.7 gigawatts. meteocontrol GmbH, one of the world's leading companies for PV monitoring, offers a manufacturer-independent monitoring and control system for solar systems of all sizes with the blue'Log X series and the VCOM virtual control room. In cooperation with Sustainable Power Solutions (Pty) Ltd., Cape Town, meteocontrol has recently equipped four rooftop systems in South Africa with the monitoring system.

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Le ministère de l’économie chilien mise sur les solutions de suivi proposées par meteocontrol



meteocontrol et Ingetrace remportent l’appel d’offres pour le programme gouvernemental des toitures solaires au Chili

Augsbourg, le 16/02/2017 –
En se fixant pour objectif d’installer 300 centrales solaires sur les toits des bâtiments publics, le gouvernement chilien poursuit résolument sa transition énergétique. Organisé dans le cadre du programme PTSP (« Programa de Techos Solares Públicos »), un appel d’offres portant sur le suivi des 103 premiers systèmes photovoltaïques a été remporté par les entreprises meteocontrol GmbH et Ingetrace SPA. En décembre 2016, le prestataire de services d’Augsbourg avait déjà livré 119 enregistreurs de données, mais aussi des capteurs à son partenaire basé à Santiago. meteocontrol renforce ainsi sa présence au sein d’un des principaux marchés sud-américains de centrales solaires.

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El Ministerio de Energía de Chile apuesta por los sistemas de monitorización de meteocontrol



meteocontrol e Ingetrace se adjudican la licitación del “Programa de techos solares públicos” en Chile

Augsburgo, 16 de febrero de 2017
– Con 300 plantas solares instaladas en edificios públicos, el gobierno chileno sigue adelante con su programa de transición energética. En colaboración con Ingetrace SPA, meteocontrol GmbH se ha adjudicado el contrato para la supervisión de las primeras 103 instalaciones de tejados en el marco del "Programa de Techos Solares Públicos (PTSP)". El proveedor de servicios fotovoltaicos con sede en Augsburgo ya suministró en diciembre de 2016 119 data loggers, así como un sistema de sensores al socio de Santiago de Chile. meteocontrol refuerza de esta forma su presencia en uno de los mercados fotovoltaicos más importantes de Latinoamérica.

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Il Ministero dell'Energia cileno passa al monitoraggio tramite meteocontrol



meteocontrol e Ingetrace si aggiudicano l'appalto per il programma statale per tetti fotovoltaici in Cile

Augusta, 16.02.2017
- Con 300 impianti solari installati su edifici pubblici, il governo cileno fa un ulteriore passo avanti nella transizione energetica programmata. meteocontrol GmbH, in collaborazione con Ingetrace SPA, si è aggiudicata la gara per il monitoraggio dei primi 103 impianti su tetto nel quadro del "Programa de Techos Solares Públicos (PTSP)". Nel dicembre 2016, l'azienda specializzata in servizi per il settore fotovoltaico di Augusta ha fornito 119 datalogger e la sensoristica al partner di cooperazione di Santiago del Cile. meteocontrol rafforza così la sua presenza in uno dei più importanti mercati del settore del fotovoltaico in Sud America.

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Chilean Ministry of Energy relies on meteocontrol's monitoring capabilities



meteocontrol and Ingetrace awarded the contract for the "Public Solar Rooftop Program" in Chile

Augsburg, February 16, 2017 –
The Chilean government continues to pursue its planned energy transition with the installation of 300 PV systems on top of public buildings. In collaboration with Ingetrace SPA, meteocontrol has won the call for tenders for monitoring the first 103 rooftop systems as part of the "Programa de Techos Solares Públicos (PTSP)". The Augsburg-based PV service provider already supplied the cooperation partner in Santiago de Chile with 119 data loggers as well as sensors in December 2016. Therefore, meteocontrol has been able to bolster its presence in one of South America's most important PV markets.

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Integrated metal dust caps ensure the transmission quality of fibre-optic cabling



tML fibre-optic modules: LC ports with integrated shutters for dust and laser protection


Dortmund/Germany, 17 January 2017. As of now, tde trans data elektronik GmbH is offering tML fibre-optic modules with full dust and laser protection with the same high packing density as before: During the plugging process, integrated shutters open automatically through a special mechanism and close again after the removal of the connector. As the shutters seal the ports dust-tight, external dust caps are no longer necessary. At the same time, the shutters protect the eyes from harmful laser beams. In contrast to other products available on the market, which only offer plastic shutters, tde couplings are equipped with shutters made of metal. In conjunction with Fault Finders, the shutters let harmless light beams pass through and make ports belonging together visible. tde tML fibre-optic modules with self-closing shutters are available for LC connector types of the product lines tML-Standard, tML Xtended and tML 24.

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Innovative Jabra sport headphones available in 25 international Capi airport shops



Jabra collaborates successfully with Capi

Breda/Hoofddorp, 22 December 2016.
Jabra works closely with the Dutch company Royal Capi-Lux, the leading airport retailer of consumer electronics. The collaboration kicked off in September with the Jabra Sport Campaign in 25 Capi stores in Europe and South Africa, with a focus on Jabra’s professional sport headphones Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless and Coach Wireless in Special Editions. In November the successful campaign was expanded with the rollout of the true wireless earbuds Jabra Elite Sport - Capi being one of the first launch partners with a wide in-store presence. The collaboration with Capi enables the Jabra brand to increase the presence of their sound solutions for consumers in the retail sector nationally and internationally.

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