Miriam Blum


... is responsible for social media PR, print and online texts, storyboards, websites, video content, translations, proofreading, ... our internal blog and process optimisation.


... because with her experience, the right feeling for text & (social media) trends in communication, she is spot on with us.


Miriam's hobby is to use language precisely for the different channels or to transport it into German

and her own quality standards are high. When one of us is puzzling over the language or hesitating over a comma, Miriam always knows what is right and what sounds good.

After studying English and German and completing a traineeship at the Burda School of Journalism, she worked as an editor for various Burda media and in project management at Burda Creative/C3.  In her spare time she enchants everybody as the singer in the Augsburg band “boy miez girl”.