Cornelie Elsässer


… is responsible for consulting, conception, strategy, and controlling. She is the managing director and head of the agency. 


... because PR is her passion. For 20 years she has successfully advised and accompanied renowned national and international clients in the implementation of their PR and marketing projects and has maintained intensive media contacts, since 2007 with her own agency.


With strategic skill and an intuitive feeling for favorable winds Cornelie has been steering epr for 11 years. She leads customer projects to success in a confident and professional manner and rounds even the most delicate communication cliffs. With her fingers always on the pulse of time, our PR advises nationally and internationally renowned clients in the field of corporate communications and media visibility, develops campaigns. Of course, she is also responsible for the successful implementation and controlling of agency projects. She has an excellent network in real and virtual life, which helps her stay ahead of the big future trends curve.