Prysmian Group: BU Multimedia Solutions increases fire safety of its highly shielded Cat.7, Cat.7A and Cat8.2 S/FTP cables

Triple 1: Highly shielded Draka cables meet CPR fire protection class Dca s1 d1 a1

Cologne, 18th March 2021 -The Multimedia Solutions (MMS) BU of the Prysmian Group has equipped its highly shielded Draka S/FTP installation and connection cables of categories 7, 7A and 8.2 with more fire resistance. In addition to the high fire protection of CPR class Dca, they offer lowest smoke (s1) and acid development (a1) as well as minimised dripping (d1). The Triple 1 Dca s1 d1 a1 copper cables combine optimal shielding with the highest fire safety and thus contribute significantly to more personal protection in building fires.

44 percent of the approximately 4,000 people who die in fires each year are the result of toxic gases or smoke. This is mainly because fires cause life-threatening conditions within three minutes. Fifty years ago, this time span was more than 15 minutes. The reason for this dramatic acceleration is the increased use of plastics inside buildings. According to the "World Fire Statistics" report (2006), about 90 percent of all fires start in buildings. The danger of life and limb being damaged by fire is therefore particularly great there - especially as the time to escape is very short. In order to keep fire safety in buildings as high as possible, the nature of the products and materials installed there in terms of their fire behaviour is a decisive factor. Cables are also products in rooms that can burn. They are equally to be considered as smoke generators and ensuring a high fire protection class also plays an essential role for cables.


"We are continuously working on the further development of our copper cables in terms of fire protection without neglecting other important properties such as shielding," says Zoran Borcic, Product Manager Copper Cables, BU Multimedia Solutions, Prysmian Group. With the addition of the highly shielded Triple 1 Dca s1 d1 a1 S/FTP cables in Cat.7, Cat.7A and Cat8.2 categories to its portfolio, MMS combines optimal shielding with high fire protection, very low smoke emission and delayed heat release. "Above all, the new cables ensure the visibility of the escape route in burning buildings. This is an important aspect when you consider that the fire brigade only arrives after around eight minutes, but those fleeing only have three minutes to leave the burning building. Self-rescue is an essential part of today's fire protection concepts," Borcic continues.


Well shielded - completely protected


The new Triple 1 Draka installation and connection cables offer optimum shielding in separation class "d". They fulfill the criteria required in EN50174-2 with regard to distances or the use of separators in cable routes. In addition, they achieve the highest shielding class for coupling attenuation Type I and coupling resistance Grade 1. With these properties, the installation and connection cables ensure compliance with the statutory EMC regulations (EMC = electromagnetic compatibility) and guarantee consistent protection of the Draka cable and the installed system.


Please visit www.draka-cable.com for more information.

Prysmian Group

Prysmian Group is the world market leader in power and telecommunications cables and systems. With more than 140 years of experience, sales of over 11 billion euros (pro forma as of December 31, 2017) and around 30,000 employees in 50 countries and 112 plants, the Group is strongly positioned in high-tech markets and supplies a highly comprehensive range of products, services, technology and know-how. In the energy sector, Prysmian Group is active in underground cables and deep sea cabling and systems, special cables for applications in many different industrial sectors and medium and low voltage cables for the construction and infrastructure industry. For the telecommunications sector, the Group manufactures cables and accessories for the voice, video and data transmission industry and offers a complete range of optical fibers, fiber optic and copper cables as well as connection systems. Prysmian is a Milan listed company listed in the FTSE MIB Index.

More information: http://www.prysmiangroup.com

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