Tobias Knoblauch is now responsible for sales of PV monitoring and control systems in Europe

meteocontrol has a new Head of Sales for Europe

Augsburg, March 05, 2021 – meteocontrol GmbH, a global provider of independent monitoring and control systems for photovoltaic systems, has filled the role of Head of Sales for Europe with a long-standing employee. As Head of Sales for Europe, Tobias Knoblauch has been in charge of the meteocontrol subsidiaries in Italy and France and responsible for sales throughout Europe since 1 February 2021.

Tobias Knoblauch has been Head of Sales Europe at meteocontrol GmbH since February 1, 2021. Image source: meteocontrol GmbH
Tobias Knoblauch has been Head of Sales Europe at meteocontrol GmbH since February 1, 2021. Image source: meteocontrol GmbH

The 33-year-old energy systems engineer has just under ten years’ experience in sales at meteocontrol and extensive expert knowledge of the photovoltaic industry. After his work in technical consulting, Knoblauch moved to the sales team for monitoring and control systems in 2014, back when the PV market was experiencing a huge downturn: “Within two years, capacity slumped from 8 to 2 GWp. It was a dramatic, intense, yet also unbelievably important and educational time for me,” says Tobias Knoblauch.


Generating electricity from sunlight has grown increasingly important since then: meteocontrol currently monitors more than 18 GWp from over 50,000 plants in VCOM Cloud, one of the world’s leading portals for monitoring and controlling PV systems. When it comes to sales, Tobias Knoblauch sees himself as a consultant above all else: “The solutions for integrating PV systems into the energy system are becoming increasingly complex. The market is driven by innovations and speed. Our aim is to get PV projects up and running as quickly as possible, despite the growing complexities. We aim to develop precise solar plant control concepts that benefit the grid for our partners in the least possible time. Digitalisation also provides intriguing opportunities to depart from the norm and think outside the box.”


meteocontrol employs 140 people at the Augsburg site and has around 180 employees worldwide. “We are on course for growth and have numerous new positions to be filled in various sectors with many exciting duties, for novices and experienced professionals alike,” says Chris Liu, Managing Director of meteocontrol. “We support our staff and offer opportunities for career progression. So we are all the more thrilled that Tobias Knoblauch, an experienced colleague, will be taking on the new role of Head of Sales for Europe.”

About meteocontrol

meteocontrol is a leading global developer and provider of independent monitoring and flexible control systems for photovoltaic portfolios. meteocontrol currently monitors 50,000 PV systems with a total output of 18 GWp. The company's 40-year-long experience in the solar industry, its internal development work and focus on the future of renewable energies are at the heart of its innovative product developments. The planning and commissioning of professional monitoring and control systems are part of its portfolio, as are yield forecasts, technical due diligence, and energy and weather data management. As a pioneer in solar grid forecasting and feed-in extrapolation, meteocontrol calculates reliable solar power forecasts for Europe's largest grid operators, and for energy suppliers and system operators worldwide. As part of its consulting services and reports, the company has been involved in projects with a total investment of more than 14 billion euros. meteocontrol is a member of APRD Investment Group (Asia Pacific Resources Development) and is represented by its headquarters in Augsburg, Germany, and numerous sites worldwide. For more information, visit www.meteocontrol.com

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