tde - trans data elektronik optimizes fibre optic configurator with unique product visualization

New fibre optic cable configurator by tde: The fastest way to the FO patch and trunk cord

Dortmund/Germany, June 13th 2018. tde - trans data elektronik GmbH has completely revised its successful fibre optic cable configurator. With visual support for the targeted, flawless configuration of fibre optic cables, the online tool is now even more intuitive and easy to use. The network expert has integrated high-resolution photos of all connectors for this purpose. To enable customers to make quick and individual configurations, tde has also simplified the user guidance. A selection bar shows the progress of the configuration process and allows customers to make changes and adjustments at any time. The new fibre optic cable configurator is now available at http://www.tde.de/konfigurator/lwl-kabel/.

With the newly designed tde cable configurator, plausible and flawless fibre optic patch and trunk cables can be configured in just a few steps. Customers first select the desired application from the areas of patching, indoor or outdoor installation and mobile cables at http://www.tde.de/konfigurator/lwl-kabel/. In a second step, the fibre type with the number of fibres can be determined. The network expert has marked the OM classes according to the officially standardized colour. Since the parameter selection tool automatically provides a manageable and limited selection of cables or connectors, only plausible configurations can be created. Users can then configure connectors A and B.

As a new feature, tde has added the option to visually select connectors: The network expert has integrated high-resolution images and a mouse over with detailed information. "This visualization is unique in the industry and underlines our high quality and innovation standards," says André Engel, Managing Director of tde. "Up to now, customers have not always been able to clearly distinguish between connectors. With visual support, we make it easier for them to create reliable configurations. Since the tool enables a unique variety of different configurations and these have been checked for plausibility throughout, our customers are given individual patch and trunk cable options. We will continue to work on further improving the usability of our online tool while at the same time offering maximum reliability in configuration."

Therefore, the network expert plans to replace the photos with 3-D animations shortly: "We will integrate a function for scaling the graphics and in addition animate them. This allows users to view the connectors from all sides – this is unique," Engel continues.

After selecting the desired connector, customers determine the individual equipment such as length, cable pulling socks, labelling and design. The latter offers customers a choice of standard or tde premium versions. The standard version corresponds to grade C for insertion and return loss and the premium version corresponds to grade B. In both cases, tde offers better values than those specified in the standard.

Since the online tool displays all configuration steps in a selection bar, customers can make changes and adjustments at any time. Once the configuration is complete, customers can add their configured items to the watch list by specifying the number of items and send them to the tde sales office as an enquiry. With the article number created automatically in the system, the network expert reacts very quickly thanks to his German production and can deliver the fibre optic applications within 24 hours upon request. In addition, customers can download data sheets with detailed information on connectors, cables, fibres and fan out units.

tde's fibre optic cable configurator is now available at http://www.tde.de/konfigurator/lwl-kabel/.

About tde – trans data elektronik GmbH

For more than 25 years the tde - trans data elektronik GmbH, an internationally successful company, has specialised in the development and production of scalable cabling systems for highest packing density. The nuclear research centre CERN relies on the know-how of the leading company in multi-fibre technics (MPO) as well. The company’s portfolio "Made in Germany" contains complete system solutions with a focus on Plug-and-play for high speed applications in the field of datacom, telecom, industry, medical and defence. tde offers both planning and installation services through its own service department and supports the "European Code of Conduct" when it comes to energy efficiency in data centres. For more information, visit www.tde.de

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