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Source: Tichawa
Source: Tichawa

InPrint 2017: Tichawa Vision Presents VTCIS and VDCIS with all new Features 

Friedberg, 17th Oktober 2017. On the 14th till 16th November in Munich, Tichawa Vision GmbH will be introducing not one, but two new innovations during their first showing at the trade fair InPrint. At their booth #254 in Hall A6, the specialist for high-precision CIS sensors will be presenting the VTCIS as well as the internationally acclaimed VDCIS. The industrial scanner streamlined for digital, inkjet and security printing has been equipped with new functions, which automatically recognize missing nozzles at a resolution of 1200 dpi. With its increased operating distance and depth of field, the VDCIS opens up completely new fields of application such as Direct-to-shape Printing and the inspection of strongly profiled surfaces in near 3D quality.

The trade fair InPrint is the ideal venue for Tichawa Vision for introducing their new CIS technologies, which were developed especially for the printing industry. „The demands of industrial printing on paper, metal, plastic and other surfaces are growing while the standards for quality are also continually increasing. Our products are a response to market demands. We develop CIS sensors which come with a 100% quality control guarantee for manufacturers and refiners“, explains Dr. Nikolaus Tichawa, CEO of Tichawa Vision GmbH. 


Automatic recognition of missing nozzles at a resolution of 1200 dpi

The VTCIS is capable of automatically detecting missing nozzles in the print image at a resolution of 1.200 dpi. Tichawa has also equipped the VTCIS with the all new feature „Regions of Interest“. The CIS only scans particular section rather than processing the complete image, simplifying data processing and significantly reducing data volume. The integrated liquid cooling guarantees color stability throughout the whole printing process, thereby eliminating color deviations.


The VTCIS is currently market-leading among camera systems for quality control in terms of compactness and scanning speed. Thanks to the remarkable line rate of up to 250 kHz and a scanning speed of up to 20 m/s, the VTCIS is perfectly suited for all very fast running print processes. The optional sensor is available with a reading width of 260 to 1560 Millimeters.


VDCIS impresses with outstanding qualities

The VDCIS, which was awarded Gold during this year’s Vision Systems Innovators Awards, is specially designed for the surface inspection of high profiled surfaces as well as products made of glass, wood, metal, plastics and ceramics. A great improvement is the increase of the operating distance between the sensor screen and the test object from a range of 10 Millimeters to a range of 60 to 80 Millimeters. At the same time, the depth of field has been increased from about 1 Millimeter to 15 Millimeters, enabling the CIS sensor to look deeper. It can, for example, determine whether any pills are missing in the packaging or inspect labels on cans, bottles, cylindrical shapes and other curved surfaces.


Due to its slim and very compact build, companies can easily install the VDCIS into their machinery at minimal expense. The sensor can be equipped with an optional scanning width of 300 to 1.800 Millimeters. The VDCIS is available with adjustable resolution (250 to 1.000 dpi) as well as with the lighting combinations RGB and monochrome (black/white). These groundbreaking features make the VDCIS product line deployable to completely new fields of application, such as Direct-to-Shape Printing or the inspection of strongly profiled surfaces in near 3D quality. 


Visit Tichawa Vision at InPrint 2017 in Hall A6, Booth 254. 




About Tichawa Vision

Since the foundation in 1991, Tichawa Vision GmbH has specialised in the development, production and distribution of camera technologies for industrial image processing for the purpose of optical surface inspection and product control. Tichawa is the worldwide leader in the field of Contact Image Sensors (CIS), which –consisting of a reading line, an integrated lens and an optimized light source –generate reliable analytical results with an aspect ration of 1:1 for applications as well as glass processing, silk screen printing, wafer inspection, sorting of postal items or automation technology.


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Tichawa Vision GmbH, Burgwallstraße 14, 86316 Friedberg, Dr. Nikolaus Tichawa, Tel: +49 - (0)821 - 455 553 0; sales@tichawa.de, www.tichawa.de

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The VTCIS is capable of automatically detecting missing nozzles in the print image at a resolution of 1.200 dpi.
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The sensor provides an optional scanning width of 300 to 1.800 Millimeters, an operating distance up to 80 millimeters and a depth of field of 15 millimeters
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