PV monitoring: meteocontrol drives internationalization in Japan

Yoshitaka Santoki (Suntech Japan) and Martin Schneider (meteocontrol)
Yoshitaka Santoki (Suntech Japan) and Martin Schneider (meteocontrol)

meteocontrol establishes joint venture in Japan

Augsburg, 3/29/2017
– meteocontrol GmbH, a leading provider of independent photovoltaic monitoring systems, has officially entered into Japan market and launched a new company “meteocontrol Japan” starting business operation in April. Meteocontrol Japan is a joint venture with Suntech Power Japan Corporation, a subsidiary of one of the major Chinese module manufacturers, Suntech Power.  Meteocontrol Japan will offer the entire meteocontrol product portfolio – monitoring hardware and monitoring in the online portal and locally at SCADA Center – plus yield reports and technical consulting.

On the basis of a number of successfully completed projects in Japan, the two companies are intensifying their close cooperation with the newly formed joint venture. Its objective is to rigorously tap the Japanese PV market through product launches, nationwide sales and technical support.

“The joint venture with Suntech Japan is another important step in meteocontrol’s globalization strategy and will help us further improve our competitive position in Asia,” explains Martin Schneider, Managing Director of meteocontrol. “Suntech has an extensive network in the region and has profound industry expertise, which makes it the ideal partner for meteocontrol. In addition, our collaboration is already well established.”

With its modularly structured monitoring systems consisting of data loggers and monitoring platforms, meteocontrol offers solutions for remote monitoring, grid feed-in management and on-site energy use optimization for every size of system and country-specific requirement. Yoshitaka Santoki, the future managing director of meteocontrol Japan, comments: “We look forward to the close cooperation with meteocontrol, and meteocontrol can provide strong products and services of their remote monitoring solutions into the Japanese market from their experience and knowledge in the energy market.” 

About Suntech Power
Suntech Power Japan Corporation is a comprehensive PV solution provider with more than 35-year business experience in PV module sales & technical support in Japan. Together with the world-class manufacturing capability of Wuxi Suntech Power (a parent company), Suntech Power Japan provides high-quality modules as well as the peripheral system products to the Japanese residential Zero-Energy-Housing (ZEH) market. Suntech Power Japan also provides a series of PV industry-oriented solutions ranging from high-spec PV modules, inverters, and remote monitoring solutions. Inheriting the legacy of MSK Corporation, a predecessor company specialized in the Building-Integrated PV (BIPV) module manufacturing, Suntech Power Japan is facing the 50th anniversary this year in 2017. Closely collaborating with the global-scale renewable energy parent company, Shunfeng International Clean Energy Ltd. (SFCE), Suntech Power Japan will continue to provide “PV +α” solutions that are friendly to the environment, society, and our daily lives.


About meteocontrol
meteocontrol, EU headquarter based in Augsburg, Germany and APMEA headquarter based in Shanghai (China), with offices and branches in Lyon (France), Madrid (Spain), Milan (Italy) and Chicago (U.S.A.) offers energy and weather data management, yield reports, quality audits and technical due diligence as well as monitoring of PV systems of all sizes. meteocontrol has more than 40 years of expertise in renewable energy systems and has so far been involved in projects with a total investment volume of more than 13 billion Euros. In addition, meteocontrol is the market leader for professional remote monitoring of PV systems. meteocontrol monitors around 41,000 PV systems around the globe with a total power of over 11 GWp. meteocontrol is a member of SFCE Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited.
Further information: www.meteocontrol.com

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