Specialist for high-precision CIS-Sensors introduces new products at Vision 2016 in Stuttgart from 8th to 10th November

Vision 2016: Tichawa Presents CIS with Improved Depth of Field and Optimized Working Distance

Friedberg, 4 October 2016.
As highlight on the Vision 2016 Tichawa Vision GmbH will be exhibiting a new CIS-Contact Image Sensor with improved functions. The CIS-Sensor, which will be displayed in Hall 1 at Booth H42, has the ability to inspect food and blister packagings, as well as products made of glass, wood, metal, plastic and ceramics with a resolution of 300 dpi and a depth of field of 10 mm, instead of the previous 1,5 mm. The specialist for high-precision CIS-Sensors based in Friedberg has additionally increased the working distance from 10 to 60 mm. The Multicolor CIS is another innovation which Tichawa will be presenting at their booth at the trade show. The industrial scanner intended for demanding inspection tasks in the fields of safety, digital and inkjet printing is the first CIS with adaptable resolution. In regards to compactness and scanning speed, it is the best on the market among the camera systems intended for quality control.

In the field of quality control, the Tichawa’s Contact Image Sensors (CIS) have established themselves as an alternative to conventional line scan cameras. At this year’s Vision the company will present a total of two new CIS models: a CIS sensor with improved depth of field and increased working distance as well as a multicolor CIS (8LED Colors), which Tichawa first presented to a broad expert audience at the trade show drupa in May of this year.

Higher Depth of Field, More Working Distance
The new CIS-sensor was developed especially for the inspection of food and blister packagings for pills as well as for the inspection of products made of glass, strongly profiled wood, metal, plastic and ceramics. With a resolution of 300 dpi the CIS can now achieve a depth of field of 10mm. Up till now, the depth of field merely amounted to 1.5 mm. Tichawa was also able to increase the working distance of the new CIS from the standard 10 mm to 60 mm at 300 dpi. At the Vision 2016, Tichawa will be displaying a prototype with a scanning width of 260 mm. The CIS-Sensor is available with a scanning width of up to 1040 mm. The CIS is available with the lighting combinations RGB and monochrome (black/white). Depending on the resolution, the line rate varies between 10 and 120 kHz.

Multicolor CIS for Printing Inspection - The Fastest of its Kind
The Multicolor CIS for quality control in the printing industry is the first CIS with adaptable resolution (1200, 600 and 300 dpi). Due to its slim design and very compact construction, the installation of the CIS-Sensor in printing machines is effortless. Due to the low distance of approximately 10 mm to the printing object being inspected, the VARICIS sensor generates a distortion-free and significantly more focused image in comparison with conventional line scan cameras, where the quality of focus noticeably deteriorates in the border areas. Additionally, the 1:1 optic enables a constant view across the entire scanning. Thanks to the extraordinary line rate of up to 250 kHz and the scanning speed of up to 20 m/s the VARICIS is optimally suited for very fast running printing processes. The sensor is available for scanning widths from 260 to 2080 mm.

“We are continuously developing our CIS-sensors on the basis of discussions with our clients, client experiences, as well as due to the increasing demands of the market“, explains Dr. Nikolaus Tichawa, managing director of Tichawa Vision GmbH. “The Vision trade show offers an excellent opportunity to present our newest products for the quality control to technical decision-makers.”

Visit Tichawa Vision at the Vision 2016 in Stuttgart, Hall 1, Booth H42.


About Tichawa Vision
Since the foundation in 1991, Tichawa Vision GmbH has specialised in the development, production and distribution of camera technologies for industrial image processing for the purpose of optical surface inspection and product control. Tichawa is the worldwide leader in the field of Contact Image Sensors (CIS), which –consisting of a reading line, an integrated lens and an optimized light source –generate reliable analytical results with an aspect ration of 1:1 for applications as well as glass processing, silk screen printing, wafer inspection, sorting of postal items or automation technology.

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