Outstanding price and performance: Logistics industry relies on line matrix printers

Printing costs reduced by one million euros in only five years

Irvine/California, Offenbach, June 21, 2016
– Line matrix printers are still the first choice for logistics companies with high volume printing. Whether storage, packaging and pick lists, delivery notes, way bills, invoices or multi-part documents: Line matrix printers pay off when the key factors are high printing speed and high quality requirements at a low cost per page. Accordingly, the French logistics company Cercle Vert has been working with P8000 line matrix printers from Printronix for years. Very effectively, according to the recent statement of a company spokesman: In only five years, the group was able to reduce the printing costs by one million euros.

High volume printing requires low costs per page.
The quality and performance of the printing systems play a key role for a smooth and optimized process in all departments of a logistics company. The printers have to quickly and reliably provide the supply chain with all relevant information and at the same time remain within the budget. “Practice has shown that logistics companies printing more than 15,000 pages per month are well advised to use high-end line matrix printers,” Werner Metz, Regional Sales Manager at Printronix, says and explains: “Line matrix printers score with their unbeatable price for value, feature tried-and-tested technology and protect the environment at the same time.”

Depending on the printing volume, acquisition costs are already amortized within the first year. The high-performance printers are especially designed for industrial environments with strong dust formation, large temperature variation and high humidity. If required, they can print up to 2000 lines per minutes.

Less costs, less environmental pollution
The Cercle Vert Group has relied on line matrix printers for many years. Amounting to approx. 1000 shipments per day, their daily printing volume is huge and their demands on the printers accordingly high. The Cercle Vert Group meets the high logistic requirements with P8000 line matrix printers from Printronix. A total of eight P8000 printers are in use at the company headquarters and in the warehouses; their daily operating time amounts to six hours.

Compared with laser technology, line matrix printers have a longer service life and require less consumable supplies; in this way Printronix line matrix printers cause less environmental pollution. Whereas laser printers can be used for three to five years, line matrix printers make it up to five to ten years. Regarding consumable supplies, users of line matrix printers merely have to change the printer ribbon – users of laser printers however are required to replace a range of components such as the developer and fuser unit or the toner.

“Thanks to the line matrix printing technology from Printronix we were able to reduce the costs at a ratio of 1 to 15 compared with laser technology,” Patrick Mendez, IT Manager at the Cercle Vert Group explains. A further function that has a positive impact: Line matrix printers can print two to three pages in one print run. “Laser printers are not able to process multi-part documents and require two to three runs to do the job,” Mendez says. Together with their partner Techniprint, Cercle Vert has smoothly integrated the P8000 line matrix printers into their ERP system. The success speaks for itself: According to the company’s own calculations, the Cercle Vert Group benefits from having saved printing costs as high as one million euros in merely five years.

Under https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/hkjnA/eG5pY29sYWlAcHJpbnRyb25peC5jb20 you can download a Video where Patrick Mendez, IT Manager at the Cercle Vert Group gives more details on the project.


About Cercle Vert
Founded in 1985 and located in Beaumont-sur-Oise, the Cercle Vert Group specializes in the distribution of food and non-food products for large-scale kitchens (hospitals, retirement homes, social facilities and company catering as well as schools) and commercial catering. The company employs 250 people and serves more than 8,000 customers. With 14,0000 articles in store and a transportation fleet of 80 trucks the Cercle Vert Group handles more than 450,000 deliveries per year.
More information at http://www.cerclevert.fr/

Since its foundation in 1974 Printronix has become the leading supplier of critical printing solutions. Its portfolio includes industrial printing solutions as well as consumables and replacement parts which are among the most reliable in the industry. The company offers two of the best-known brands in the field of industrial printers for supply chain applications – Printronix and TallyGenicom, which are known in production facilities, distribution companies and in the retail sector worldwide. The portfolio of the combined brands includes sophisticated line matrix printers which produce excellent printing quality and are of recognized international standing with regard to use and robustness.
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